Time Required:

Approximately 6 to 8 hours per week

Good for

  • NDTF (National Dog Training Federation) qualified trainers who had Assistance Dogs as an elective
  • People wanting to gain the above qualification (conditions apply)

About this opportunity

PTSD Dogs Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that rescues suitable dogs from various refuges and trains them to be assistance dogs for military and first responder personnel who have been diagnosed with PTSD as a result of their service. We believe these people have given plenty to our community and it is time to give back and support them in their need.

We have already established the charity on the Sunshine Coast where it has been very well received by the general public and are now looking to duplicate our efforts in the Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. We are also getting many requests from other areas and are just setting up a trainer who is based in Perth so at least 1 more in that area would be fantastic.

If you enjoy the challenge of speciality task training and believe you can work closely with veterans and first responder personnel to create these working teams of dog and human this is the position for you.

While we are currently looking for volunteers to fill these positions, we are working towards creating paid positions in the future as funds become available.

None of the directors of PTSD DOGS AUSTRALIA are paid for their positions on the board.

Why volunteer with PTSD DOGS AUSTRALIA?

You will;

  • Feel personal satisfaction knowing that you have contributed to saving the lives of unwanted and displaced dogs and contributed to the rehabilitation of our first responders who are at risk of taking their own lives
  • Be part of a great team, have fun and meet lots of people while actively engaging in your community; and
  • You will develop skills and experiences that will serve you well into the future

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