PTSD Dogs Australia Ltd is a registered charity, fully approved by the Australian Charities & Not for Profit Commission with all donations $2.00 or more being tax deductible as approved by the Australian Tax Office.

We also have donation packages, sponsor a Handlers Kit for example, on our products page. These packages are of course also tax deductible and an official receipt will be issued.

All donations are directed to training and supplying Service Dogs with a cost of $35,000 to $40,000 per dog. We work with volunteers as much as possible and our constitutions dictates that none of our board of directors are paid for their positions on the board.

With operating expenses rapidly approaching $500,000 per year and set to get even higher, we get no government funding so we really need your help to support our veterans and first responders.

How Your Donations Are Used

Specialist dog trainers which are required for high level task training to become a certified service dog charge between $35 and $40 per hour with each dog being trained on average 20 hours per week and training taking 8 months or more in some cases before they can be certified which costs another $1,000.

Once placed with their handler, each dog/handler team is supplied with a basic kit comprising of a crate, jacket with ID, collar, bowls for feed and water, leads and training accessories.

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