02/07/2019 Adding a couple of stops to the route – we will now be travelling from Canberra to Wagga Wagga then on to Albury before heading to Bendigo.

If you or your organisation in those areas are keen to have us visit, please let us know.

Preliminary dates set – these dates could still change – Updated 31/07/2019

Correction of dates – these dates could still change


Unfortunately due to a shoulder injury, Roger and Rosie will be postponing their tour until further notice.

All booked events and commitments will be kept.

“Thank you to everyone who showed support for our Hell Ride, but Rosie and I must remain available for further testing and treatment, focusing on our health so we can remain a strong voice for those who are too isolated to speak. As soon as we are medically cleared, we will reschedule our road trip!”

If your group was planning an event but had not booked it in with us already, please feel free to contact us, we may still be able to schedule it in.